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Multi-Cultural Complex

MSc dissertation project 

The aim of the project is to design a multi-functional cultural complex in the historical centre of Paisley, a small town near to Glasgow in Scotland.  The objective is to revitalise Paisley town centre by replacing the existing semi derelict 1960's shopping centre with a cultural centre incorporating a community library and a theatre. The proposal is to reopen most of the currently covered river surfaces and restore the original function of the river bank as a functional public space. At the same time the new building is placed on a concrete plinth that spans across the river. This is giving the opportunity to create series of public spaces and routes that link all the surrounding public buildings. The site is rectangular in shape and is defined by existing building blocks and the railway bridge on the north and the old stone masonry bridge on the south side. The multicultural centre consist of a Theatre, a Library, a Arts centre, a Bookshop with small Cofe and a Terrace Restaurant with an adjacent bar and small a Grocery shop. 

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